Where in Korea have you been to?

Where in Korea have you been to?

One of the mecca place in Seoul to visit for young people
It is one of the energetic places!

There are so many places to eat, see and shop around the Hongik University!
We have a essential course to have a more conversation or take a rest for a moment!
That is ‘Cafe’ in daily life!!
Among the several cafes in Hongdae, Let’s take a look some special cafes!
Hongdae Cafe ‘Sketchbook’
Multicultural place which is called Playland,
Wonderful cafe ‘Sketchbook’

The place ‘Sketchbook’ is good to have a meal, drink a coffe and to study as well!
Specially, one of the brunch set ‘Steak and Coffee’ is amazing combination~
Beverages, Cakes, Breads and Cookies with Coffee!
Two floors, Amazing Terrace on the first floor and Rooftop outdoor place!!


The artworks are all over the places in the cafe and books make feel more comfortable atmosphere!
Whenever you visit this multicultural place,
you could have a meeting, a meal and do studying!
Hongdae Cafe ‘Sketchbook’
Opens at 10:00 ~ 24:00 on Mon ~ Sat
On Sun 10:00 ~ 23:00
Please check out the time before visiting the place

Hongdae Bookcafe ‘Jungle’

Almost 5000 design books well-stocked
Hongdae Bookcafe ‘Jungle’
Calm atmosphere to study well and have Seminar rooms to have meetings!
If you meet cutie cat Jungle in the cafe, say hello to him!

Open everyday : 11:00 ~ 22:00
Seminar Information : 02-333-0367
Cat Jungle is used to walk around the cafe or sleep on the chair!
So cute!


It is calm and comfortable Bookcafe ‘Jungle’

24hrs Cafe ‘Gabie’

It is hard to check the time when you are having a fun night in Hongdae!
You would find the 24hrs cafe to wait for the subway in the morning
or If you are up all night to study!

Good place to recommend!
It is Hongdae Cafe ‘Gabie’
It has good atmosphere to spend 24hrs time with drip coffe
It is good atmosphere 24hrs Hongdae Cafe ‘Gabie’

These are all Hongdae Cafe Where We Want To Visit Again.